We are naturally first and foremost a Software Development House, who specialise in Mobile Applications, but have a proven track record in other areas too which certainly do not come second in our books. We also love working with data and interfaces between businesses.

Expertise & Skillsets

Whilst we love to do most of our development in PHP, CSharp, Java and MySQL, as you can see by the snapshot, we’ve got the T—Shirt from most places.

Together, we bring decades of experience to the company, and when necessary we expand our team to include trusted and knowledgeable resources according to the project needs. One of the reasons we are lighter than most on the costing side is that we work so dynamically.

Please have a look at our projects page too to get a feel of how we have performed.

Ethos & Approach

The basic rule is we do everything, except if it is daft. While we are all technology fans, we love to get to know your domain and then — preferably in close co-operation with you — build a system that supports it perfectly. We will build it in an agile fashion to minimize risk and ensure we build the right thing. We’ll deliver something that matches your requirements quickly, and we use whatever technology makes the most sense for the given project.

We believe in an ongoing relationship with our clients during and after the Software Development Process.

Passionate about technology and bringing together advanced technological solutions and satisfied customers, we pride ourselves on providing customised solutions as per customer requirements. We also provide a range of our own software products incorporating server systems, .NET desktop applications, web applications using .NET and php technologies and multi-platform phone applications. With experience in developing systems for smaller businesses and in servicing corporate needs, we provide an all-round software solution for any application. We pay as much attention to our customers’ success as our own.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how we lower the barrier to entry. Try us, it will be like a breath of fresh air. One of the ways we do so is to incorporate evolutionary models of development, using agile programming. The cost savings are passed on to you, and your risk is profoundly mitigated.

We also do not believe in paralysis—through—analysis, because of our prototyping approach, and we take care of the needed requirements gathering and documentation without bogging you down.

Costing & Services

A number of factors go into our pricing. We cannot tell you straight off what our rates are. But we can tell you that we charge very competitively, and are mitigated with integrity and honesty.

We will not charge you for something we believe you do not need (and will not build it into the product either), and coupled with our lower overheads, we pass this saving onto you. After reading our Ethos & Approach section above, you will understand that our model of development is less costly than others, but this requires a high level of expertise and experience in order to know how to leverage this.

The level of technical expertise required also affects our pricing. So you get the advantage of not paying standard software house rates for cellar level technical requirements. For example, developing a basic static web page dump of information will not be the same rate as developing a satellite navigation system which requires complex protocols and technical knowledge ! We aim to be fair in all we do.

Another thing that we factor in is how you wish the relationship to work. Naturally, we are very interested in ongoing service and monthly retainers or annuities, so you also have the option of cutting a large chunk off the initial development costs by cutting us in on recurring income. Feel free to discuss with us any options you may have at your disposal !