Over the months we have invested vast quantities of our time in designing and developing in—house products which we can resell to business and the public at a very competitive rate.

We invite you to browse these products below, and encourage you to make contact with us to see how we can tailor or supply these products for your use


Reptrak is a Field Force Management phone application available for Android and iOS.

Developed by us, the Reptrak phone app is a user front-end for the Reptrak Field Force Management System.

Please note : this app will only function properly when connected to an account on the SA Software Reptrak server, registered to the IMEI number of your individual device. Contact SA Software on should you wish to demo or require further information.

This system includes the phone app, a hosted service and a desktop or web interface to allow businesses to manage and track the performance of field personnel including sales reps, delivery drivers or service technicians.

The sales rep ’checks in’ on the phone app when arriving at a clients premises or site. The app records the date and time, the client details as selected by the user and the GPS position of the phone at the time of check-in to the server.

The sales rep can then capture comments and notes on the app while meeting with the client, which are uploaded to the server. When the sales rep leaves the vicinity of the check-in location, they are automatically checked out of that client on the app.

All checking information, position data and comments or notes are available back in the office real-time through the management console, available as a desktop application or web portal. This portal allows management staff to track the field personnel throughout the day, and draw reports on times and locations as well as notes taken during site visits.

The Reptrak - Capco application is the standard app, branded for use in the above snapshot by the client Capco Ceilings and Partitions (Pty) Ltd in South Africa.


Task Manager is a very easy-to-use web-based system designed to facilitate the rapid entry of tasks details.

Combined with the easy to implement solution, and extensive detailed reporting on your tasks, Task Manager allows you to control your employees and your tasks with ease and very little overhead.

The system is designed around versatility, allowing each client to specify categories, statuses, client lists (functional areas), resources, search tags, contacts and priority lists in a meaningful way that is also familiar with their working language.

You are also able to tightly control access priviledges through the allocation of system roles.

The system also allows various automated notifications to be sent — even to users who are not on the Task Management System ! Two dashboards are available to at-a-glance measure the system health and heartbeat, allowing you to pro-actively control overdue tasks and resource performance before they become a problem.

Occurrence Book and Incident Logging

OB System
The OB System is a system designed around the logging, workflow and reporting of Incidents and Occurrence Books.

Specifically, it conforms to the industry standards, such as the Security Industry's Occurence Book standard.

Supporting multiple users, web-based technology, and enforced workflow processes around actions and review processes, the system is perfectly suited as a lightweight, easy to learn, powerful and competent logging system. Images and feedback can be uploaded, and reporting suitable for all tiers of management. Employees are able to search explicitly across the search criteria, and eye-catching graphs summarise data in critical areas.

A scrolling dashboard is also available - particular useful to put up on a large display in a control room or reception area which immediately provides a view onto the heartbeat of the system. Critical alerts and lesser important areas are appropriately differentiated - all easily readable at a glance or from a distance.

Reconciliation Engine

OB System
This is a powerful, super-fast, yet very easy to use online reconciliation system.

Partnering with RetailTrading ( to develop a tool that allows for any two text files to be compared and summarised at the click of a button. If you require advanced controls on the type of matching such as the summing up (consolidation) of one set of data before it is compared to another, then just set the join conditions. You can control data types, date formats, mandatory joins and more.

The results are outputted almost at the speed of a click, clearly dividing up the data between what is not in the other file, what contains a variation, etc.

This tool can save you days in tedious reconciliations, particularly useful in reconciling lengthy invoices numbering hundreds of thousands of detail lines and even stock and product lists ! It is also able to be added onto and branded to form part of your existing web interface if needed.