Some of the clients and respective projects of SA Software include the following listed in this document, unless where these projects are confidential or a representative project in the same category is already present.

We are an IT technology provider partnering with Retail Trading (, who service the retail supplier industry including All Joy Foods, Zambezi Beverages, Brennco Mills, Makro and over 200 smaller suppliers.

In conjunction with RetailTrading, we supply integration services to Checkers, Pick n Pay and more than 50 other retailers, services including order processing, invoicing, claims, Goods Receipts, Remittances, and B2B systems integration between Principle, Warehouse and Point Of Sales.

We have developed asset tracking systems, reporting services, smart business triggers, transporter delivery solutions and backdoor control processes for the logistics industry, CHEP Global being our main customer in this sector.

We have designed solutions around RFID and GPS tracking systems for movable asset tracking and field force management systems.

We provide several products to the security industry including security guard tracking systems, equipment and resource management and incident management systems, including SACAN, Natal Communications and Marshall Security.

We have developed a multi-platform mobile application for SACAN including instant messaging, incident reporting and personal tracking.

We do client liaison, support and development of accounting systems, point-of-sale, stock management, reporting and order processing for the hardware industry.

Supply Chain Control - RFID and Barcode Readers

Industrial Mobile Devices
Industrial Handhelds, RFID applications, running Android, iOS, Windows CE — CHEP ( is a major global supply chain company with a footprint in over 40 countries. We’ve written high-grade industrial mobile applications critical to their service (core) offering of managing high-value components and products in blue-chip companies.

These expensive RFID and Barcode enabled industrial mobile devices are used to scan and do inventories of all 2D Barcode and RFID tagged items moving through the manufacturing process. These applications incorporate advanced algorithms for accurate scanning, recording of various trade documentation, and synchronising data with docking cradles and servers with various SMART trigger alerts and printout slips.

Coming soon — Uber for ...

Public Phone App - Coming Soon
Our client has sworn us to secrecy, so we cannot steal their thunder when they launch in a few months, but be prepared to have your breath taken away.

This is an attractive app to be available on iOS and Android, which will provide a very niche sales service of a very niche product within very highly competitive operating constraints and performance, something South Africa has not experienced yet.

Mobile Dynamic Capture Solution

Mobile Dynamic Capture App
CHEP ( is a major global supply chain company with a footprint in over 40 countries. We've developed this enterprise app in a truly unique way.

With just a few clicks on a web portal interface, a tailored app is downloaded to their employees. The downloaded app has been individually customised to facilitate the capture process of nearly any data type, with only the fields relevant to each customised operation.

The app is able to use bluetooth to interface with handheld devices for scanning or imagery.

Retail Ordering B2B middleware

Retail Trading Portal
Retailtrading ( is a Johannesburg based company providing the middleware for the handling of manufacturers (principals) orders and invoices and routing them to various end points whilst adding various value-adds and reporting along the way. RetailTrading and us take great pride and responsibility in ensuring the integrity of clients data, which directly impacts on their bottom-line.

We've largely been responsible for developing this system, which is the intellectual property of RetailTrading itself. The system is a middleware portal which any party in the supply chain can logon to obtain visibility and control of the entire lifecycle of an order from source to debriefing and invoice reconciliation. The system controls highly complex pricing algorithms, product masterfiles and stock at warehouses.

The system is like no-other, and exceeds the functionality of far more expensive ERPs and management systems

Very specialised interfaces are written to directly interface into South Africa's leading retailers such as Pick n Pay, Shoprite Checkers and others.

Some of the manufacturers using the system include Biscotti Biscuits, Brennco Mills, AllJoy Foods, Bos Brands, Creighton Products, ForeBaby, Future Life, Makro South Africa, Mr Sweet, Paarman Foods, Quality Products, and Zambezi Beverages amongst 200 others.

The sytem has EDI as it’s backbone, essentially with an Any-to-Any mapping between data standards such as EDIFACT, RFC and GS1 (XML), and proprietary standards such as SAP IDOCs and flat files, — even OCR of printed documents scanned in and parsing of PDF and Excel files from manufacturers who do not have the luxury of an internal IT department and therefore not being able to supply data in any recognisable EDI format !

We understand that each company has its own preferred methods, so our services are tailored to your individual needs. At the same time we take into account the needs of your trading community and focus on what you’re trying to achieve with B2B e-commerce and where your challenges lie. You cannot afford to compromise in this critical area of expertise, and we bring many years of experience and lessons learned to the table.


Mobile Dynamic Capture App
More and more, people are wanting to access existing websites via mobile devices such as tablets and phones. Unfortunately these sites often do not display well at all with the hundreds of hardware specifications available today.

We have the skills necessary to use proper HTML5 and Mobisite coding best-practices to ensure your business’ footprint maintains it’s attractive and professional accessibility on the web.

Other Miscellaneous Apps

Other Apps
We’ve written too many apps to mention, but just to give you a feel for some more diverse styling and interface experience, we shot a few more snapshots above

These apps can be written as an installable app using Native, or HTML5 packaged for easy multi—platform support

The apps above range from Field Force management and Rep CallCycle management through mobile membership and data record updating.

Highly Complex Communicator App

Communicator App
This was a full communication app written for one of our customers. This exhibits very unique requirements, and a high level of technical competency needed to deliver this app.

Essentially it implements a near whattsapp-like experience with the full instant messaging capability, as well as GPS tracking for emergency recovery and built in pannic buttons.

Web Portals

Access to a business’ corporate data from outside the company firewall can very efficiently be leveraged through a business-portal.

We have written a few portals for clients allowing external users to remotely, easily and efficiently maintain various company artifacts. In so doing, we ensure we implement the tightest security measures, and even offer the required domain registration and hosting of the server.